NBA 2K21 Pantheon All Star Card Pack Mission

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NBA 2K21 recently announced the Pantheon All Star card pack with Jordan as the cover. This card pack contains many influential players, including the first 99-scoring dark matter player card. Below, please see the list of NBA 2K21 Jordan cover Pantheon All Star card pack missions shared by SAFENBAMT. Hope to bring you some help.


NBA 2K21 Pantheon All Star Card Pack Mission

NBA 2K21 Pantheon All Star Locker Code
Reward: All-Star Pantheon Pack, Badge Pack or 3 Tokens
Expiration Date: 3/12/21

Complete the Comic Hero 2 mission: 5 tokens
Mission Player - Mission Requirements - Mission Experience
Comic Weber - 7 assists in a single game - 200XP
Comic Sexton - Single player three threats accumulate 7 three points - 300XP
Comic Camp - 20 rebounds accumulated - 400XP
Comic Ray Allen - Accumulated 25 three points - 750XP
Comic Magician - 50 assists in total - 1000XP
Comic Jordan - 125 points accumulated - 1500XP
Comic Zion - 125 points accumulated - 1500XP

Complete the Pantheon mission: 5000 NBA 2K MT
Mission Player - Mission Requirements - Mission Experience
Red Callegler - 5 assists in a single game - 100XP
Red Callegler - Challenge 20 three-pointers accumulated - 500XP
Red Card Webber - 10 points in a single game - 100XP
Red Card Webber - 30 assists in total - 500XP
Purple Cabaret - Single Player Three Threats 4 Layups - 100XP
Purple Cabaret - Accumulated 25 three points - 750XP
Purple Card Howard - 5 dunks in a single game - 100XP
Howard Zika - 30 rebounds in total - 750XP
Diamond Richardson - Online three threats accumulate 4 layups - 100XP
Diamond Richardson - 20 assists in total - 250XP
Diamond Richardson - 80 points accumulated - 800XP
Diamond Camp - Challenge 10 minutes total - 100XP
Diamond Camp - 30 points in a single game - 250XP
Diamond Camp - 35 rebounds in total - 800XP
Pink Diamond Ellis - 20 assists in total - 200XP
Pink Diamond Ellis - 6 free throws in total - 350XP
Pink Diamond Ellis - 35 three points accumulated - 1000XP
Pink Diamond Mason - 7 dunks in multiplayer matches - 200XP
Pink Diamond Mason - 20 assists accumulative - 350XP
Pink Diamond Mason - 100 Points Accumulated - 1000XP
Galaxy Magic - Online three threats accumulate 5 rebounds - 200XP
Galaxy Magic - 25 layups in total - 400XP
Galaxy Magic - 50 assists in total - 1250XP
Galaxy Carter - 15 points accumulated in multiplayer matches - 200XP
Galaxy Carter - 20 assists in total - 400XP
Galaxy Carter - Total 55 dunks - 1250XP
Galaxy George - Total 2 steals - 200XP
Galaxy George - 20 dunks in total - 400XP
Galaxy George - 40 three points accumulated - 1250XP
Dark Matter Jordan - Total 3 steals - 250XP
Dark Matter Jordan - 2 double-doubles in total - 500XP
Dark Matter Jordan - 150 points accumulated - 1750XP
Dark Matter Zion - Single Player Three Threats 10 Dunk - 250XP
Dark Matter Zion - 20 rebounds in total - 500XP
Dark Matter Zion - 150 points accumulated - 1750XP
None - Complete the Pantheon Challenge - 100XP
3 original owners of the All-Star Pantheon - Conduct an online three-threat - 300XP
5 original owners of the All-Star Pantheon - Win a game - 500XP

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