NBA 2K21 MyTEAM Unlimited Tournament - Prize $250,000

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In the last 2K branch, the prize of "JOMAR-12PR" is 250,000 USD. In 2K21, the winner of the MyTEAM Unlimited tournament must get the runner-up USD 50,000. Ambitious players will have the opportunity to advance to the next round in four-game days-divided into four seasons: October 10, November 21, January 2, and February 6. On each game day, four participants will qualify for the competition on PlayStation and XBOX.

Those who wish to participate in one of the qualifiers must first obtain the "Emerald Unlimited" level in MyTEAM. The 16 best players on their respective consoles will meet in a single-elimination game on February 20 to determine two finalists. These three wins for the MyTEAM Unlimited crown, the exact framework of the final match, will be announced by 2K Games-professional basketball player BEN SIMMONS will also participate.


NBA 2K21 MyTEAM Unlimited Tournament - Prize $250,000

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