NBA 2K21 Best Shooters and Highest Shot Rating

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NBA 2K21 looks set to build on its excellent entry into the NBA series last year. Now that we know who is the top player in NBA 2K21, we can start to study who is the best player in each position. In the "NBA 2K21 Top Scorer" guide, we will introduce the player with the highest NBA 2K21. We will update this list as player ratings fluctuate throughout the season, so check back for further adjustments.

Top Shooters in NBA 2K21
If you want to build an unstoppable NBA 2K21 team, you need to choose a pretty good shooter. Now that 2K has begun to raise the threshold for NBA 2K21 player ratings, we can start to evaluate which players have the highest shooting ratings. Below you will find the top 10 scorers in NBA 2K21:

NBA 2K21 Best Shooters and Highest Shot Rating

NBA 2K21 players with 3-pointers
Even though the players listed above have the highest overall field goal score, many players use three-pointers to score. Currently, the five listed above are what we know, but once we have more information, we will make sure to add more players below.

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