NBA 2K OVR update: James leads, Harden controversial with 95 Overall

NBA 2K21 Date: Mar/29/21 08:21:06 Views: 1443

NBA2K officially updated the player abilities of 2K21 today. It is worth mentioning that the only players with abilities above 90 Overall are George and Butler, who have slightly changed. James still ranks first in the game with 97 OVR. Harden's 95 Overall aroused controversy among fans.


NBA 2K OVR update: James leads, Harden controversial with 95 Overall

First, let's take a look at players with more than 90 Overall: James 97, Durant 96, Antetokounmpo 96, Curry 96, Leonard 96, Embiid 95, Jokic 95, Harden 95, Thick Eyebrow 94, Lillard 94, Doncic 93, Irving 91, Butler 91, Bill 90, Tatum 90, it is worth mentioning that George has fallen from 90 to 89.

As the first man in the league, James undoubtedly occupies the top position. The Lakers have experienced a wave of losing streaks because of his absence. This shows the importance of James to the team. With or without James, the Lakers are completely two teams. . At 36 years old, he can still compete with young players for MVP, and James is also the only one.

The others have not changed much. The only thing that has changed is Butler and George. After the Heat's recent wave of winning streaks, they are inseparable from Butler's fiery state, but then the Heat suffered a 6-game losing streak. Not to mention that the Heat has lost the strength of the Eastern Conference championship. Fortunately, they have recently caused Oladipo. It will depend on their state in the next game.

George's state is too unstable. In the first half of the game, he was still a member of the 180 clubs, but he lost himself after the All-Star Game. The same Clippers' record has been ups and downs. Fortunately, they are in good shape recently. Achieved a wave of victories, smoothly overtaking the Lakers to the third position in the Western Conference.

Finally, there is the controversial Harden. Harden's performance this season can be described as quite bursting. Durant has been absent for most of the season. He can get a high score of 96 Overall, while the hardworking Harden Can only be ranked behind the big brother, causing dissatisfaction among the fans. Not only that, in the latest MVP list, Harden was only ranked sixth, and netizens exploded for a while. Pierce supported Harden on the Internet, and even Harden himself bluntly said: "I am my own. MVP of the season!"

Although it is only an imaginary ranking, it is clear that everyone has recognized harden's performance. But so far, the most critical task for Harden is the championship and even the FMVP. Other dispensable honors are only. It is a pity that you can be crowned if you have one.


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