How to turn your Guard into a demon in NBA 2K21

Game: NBA 2K21
Time: 2021-03-13 10:45:28
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Guards are genuinely the hardest to play in NBA 2K21. The main reason can be the guards with defensive badges; it can be extra challenging for your Guard if your defender has a specific defensive animation. Usually, this can work pretty well if you're playing on the defensive side, as the proper defensive badges can make sure that the opposition can't get to your side. In this article, Safenbamt as a best NBA 2K MT Website shares the best defensive badges that you should use to make sure that the opponent can't break through your guards. Here is the info you need on how to turn your Guard into a demon in NBA 2K21.


How to turn your Guard into a demon in NBA 2K21

Shockingly enough, some defensive guards can get their offensive sets up by guarding the perimeter wall. Gary Payton and Patrick Beverley are the top defensive guards you can find in the game. These players, and players like these, give you an expectation of many Fastbreak points from the position. A defensive guard's main job should be to keep ball-dominant players at bay and consistently challenge where the ball is going during the round like Trae Young and Steph Curry. However strong your guard player is, the big man badges will always come in handy. Your player will be able to push back even streak shooters and get you a ton of dubs under your belt. You'll consistently get your touches in the Career mode, though. Which only makes it extra vital that you utilize the right points to your badges.

There are a total of two types of defensive badges that you can put on your players in NBA 2K21. Some are for guards and wings, and the other ones are for bigs. Although these badges can be applied to any position, you should always be careful when adding these attachments to your player to get maximum performance. The concept of easy baskets is completely gone from the game, even when unguarded. So the badges are extra important now. The animations that each defensive badge provides are often enough to alter shots and even drives. Badges also have levels, which need to be checked before use. If you mess up the distribution of these badges based on stories, you might end up with a lot of clutter on your player.
Keep in mind, though, that the focus here should never diverge to offensive badges, even if they do eventually lead to quick fast breaks. Some are great at bronze in terms of level, while others require Hall of Fame level to work best. An example is Patrick Beverley, who might be good with swipes, but carries only a 42-steal rate: the badge animations, however, make him a much better pickpocket. If you're focusing entirely on creating a defensive guard, then make sure to distribute the points directly to defensive attributes. Most importantly, make sure that your character has 86 or higher on all Athleticism attributes. As aforementioned, Gary Payton can score in many ways and is adept at defending, so a defensive guard doesn't have to be one-dimensional in their play, but that mainly depends on the player.

Your catalog of defensive badges must cater to the style of defensive Guard you want to make. You can create a pickpocket, not unlike Beverley or a defensive demon-like Smart. You can even make a low-key yet quite an impactful player such as Jrue Holiday. The key is to create an outside stopper. Here are the best badges that you should use for your defensive guard build:

Clamps are essential for you to hound-dog the ballhandler until they're out of stamina. Beverly is the perfect example of the sort of plays you can do with this badge. A Gold Level Clamps badge will solidify your excess dribbles to be a lead-up to indirect swipes.

The Pick Pocket badges go hand in hand with the Clamps badges. It will drastically decrease your chances of getting a loose ball foul upon swipes. But be wary. It would help if you had at the very least a silver badge for Pick Pocket for it to work efficiently with Clamps.

To drop the ballhandler's overall long-term efficiency and stamina rate, you can combine the Clamps badges with the Tireless Defender badge as well. This reduces the overall stamina consumption for your player character as you chase down the ballhandlers. Make sure you have at least a gold level badge for this one, as the gold level can TRULY be a game-changer.

This badge is created to intimidate shooters from going on streaks during a match. These work much better if your player is significant. Anything above bronze can help in redirecting or altering jump shots.

This badge is something that we prefer over the Pick Pocket badge. Pick Pocket is a universally picked badge to go along with Clamps, but in overall statistics, the Interceptor badge outperforms it in stealing the ball. However, it's much harder to acquire a badge, and you need to have at least a gold level Interceptor badge for it to work at maximum capacity.

This badge will always help your player in denying their opposition of scoring opportunities. John Wall can be put here; he combines being an Interceptor with the Off Ball Pest well. You'd need a proper silver level badge for this, by the way.

Now the point remains, being a Defensive Guard won't make you a famous NBA 2K21 player as an all-rounded build would. Most of your scoring opportunities will be from interceptions and swipes that lead to fastbreaks points. The overall assists are also fewer for the Defensive Guards, as they're usually the first ones at the back of the court with random errors. This also means that you could quickly sink two points or even a three-pointer quite efficiently if you have the right opportunity.

The easiest way to achieve the full stats would be to turn your defensive guard pattern into a well-rounded player, and Safenbamt suggests a Holiday build. However, if you're looking for a full-on Hound, go for a Beverly build, a tried and tested one this is. Make sure to remember that your Defensive Guard will never be the focal point during the offense, and your player character will become locked into playing that same role in the online mode. It's honestly relatively safe to assume that creating a well-rounded defensive guard is very technical, yet once mastered, it can result in some incredibly well-made plays.