How to quickly collect bags in the NBA 2K22 Halloween event

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The Season 2 of NBA 2K22 and the Halloween update are now in full swing. Visual Concepts has prepared a small and meaningful event for Halloween in the game. There are countless new tasks, rewards, and challenges worthy of players to participate in. We hope that players can participate in it—events held in the game to celebrate this day.

The two most influential currencies in the game are VC and MT. If you are lucky, you can get a lot of NBA 2K22 MT and VC by participating in this event.

The rules of the event are simple. Players need to search carefully in different places to find trick-or-treating bags. A total of 8 bags need to be collected, and each bag will reward you. It can be decorations, attribute upgrades, in-game currency, or other things.

Restricted by the game's rules, the bags in the game will not be displayed on the map. Only when you are close enough to the load will you see the "Trick or Treat" option on the screen. If you find it tiring to search for these bags in the entire community, please remember the following information, sorted out and has the highest probability of appearing.

How to quickly collect bags in the NBA 2K22 Halloween event

NBA 2K22 Halloween Event: Trick or Treat Location
Deck 4 Lobby: In front of the self-service bar in the main lobby, next to the MyTeam badge
Deck 4 Hall: Inside the plant in front of the pillar next to the circular staircase in the hall's center.
Deck 4 Lobby: Entering the gallery, you will find Trick or Treat in front of the small swimming pool at the entrance and behind the REC sign.
Deck 4, Promenade: Check the green door next to the New Balance door.
Deck 16, Moat: Check the bushes next to Zipline.
Deck 16, Airball: Check the backpack in front of the second pillar.
Deck 15, Deuces: Check near the diving board next to the swimming pool.
Deck 15, Gatorade Factory: Before entering the Gatorade factory, in front of the round rope next to the farthest cannon on the right.

If you are only interested in getting MT or VC, then you don't have to waste time in the game. One of the easiest ways to get VC is to answer the NBA 2KTV quiz correctly, which can help players get free rewards. Of course, there is a faster way to log in to the website, and you can directly buy cheap virtual currencies on the homepage.

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