How to get free VC rewards in NBA 2K22

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In addition to NBA 2K22 MT, the virtual currency in NBA 2K22 also has NBA 2K22 VC. The former can be purchased on the market, while the latter can only be obtained in the game. This article will introduce a simple task to help players get free VC.

The name of this task is Free Spirit Icon. In the game, the pursuit of Earn Free Spirit Icon is not leisurely. Because the details provided in the game are unclear, many players on different platforms have been trying hard, but now this problem has been solved.


How to get free VC rewards in NBA 2K22

How to get Free Spirit Icon in the game?
The mission requirements are the same whether the player is in The City or Cancha Del Mar. When you know what you need to look for, the task becomes very simple instantly. First, you need to go to your affiliated store, then start searching for clothes with a megaphone icon next to them, then you need to buy it and wear it, and finally, wear it to walk on the runway.

Through these few simple steps, you can complete tasks and get rewards. The mission will reward +10,000 MVP points, +90 fashion points and +1,500 VC. Although it is only a straightforward task, there are few rewards, and it does not take much time. It is very worthwhile for players to try.

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