How to Get a Good NBA 2K21 MyCareer player

Game: NBA 2K21
Time: 2020-09-23 13:28:35
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What are the best MyPlayer and MYCAREER in NBA 2K21? A large part of the NBA 2K21 experience is to build your players for The Long Shadow sport, MyCareer mode, and vital community use. Although your player construction largely depends on how you want to play the game, if you are looking for help, Safenbamt editor will build this guide with a bunch of the best NBA 2K21 to help you start from a different position.


How to Get a Good NBA 2K21 MyCareer player

You don't want to spend your time on a bad version. It seems fun to do your own thing, but I suggest you look at one of these three versions.

The inside-out organizer of the offensive threat PG

This role can accomplish all of this on the offensive end. Just like Vince Carter, you can dunk in the rain. At level 97, you can even use the speed boost to dribble the ball, but this only matters when you get into the game. Naturally, PG has a large number of game badges. Your defense ability is weak, but you can use fixed clips and other useful defense badges. In MyCareer, I placed Rebound Chaser because you get more VC when you get a rebound.

The glass cleaner will lock C.

The center can shoot, rebound, and play excellent defense. He has a bad dribble, but he can still maintain the regular dunk animation, which is amazing. This is my favorite Build because it is really easy to upgrade'lots of rebounds and points. Once you have a rebound chaser, you will find it easy to upgrade your defense badge. You are not the best shooter, but you can catch, shoot, and use the best three-pointer once you improve.

Rebound wing SF

This is a smaller version of the center structure's top, except that it has much fewer finish badges. Still, it can free the opponent from the dribble and use the crazy long-distance layup procedure (the PG structure above also has this feature) -Its animation starts from a long distance, so it is a bit glitchy. Many people say that this version is the best. I have a friend who uses this Build, and it looks very good. It's not good at rebounding, but it moves better. I haven't used the YouTuber version personally, but I know that the Rebounding Wing SF version is one of the better versions, and having 70 layup games is one of the more important parts of this version.

If you want to play SG or PF, please check out some other versions on YouTube, but I think these are better versions. Sensational game production guards will love it, because if you decide to play in the park, Dimer is something your teammates will love, but you either give up shooting or drive as a PG.