How to earn NBA 2K21 VC as much as possible

Game: NBA 2K21
Time: 2020-09-21 15:41:20
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NBA 2K21 VC is an in-game currency used to purchase cosmetics such as MyPlayer, clothing and shoes, and an upgraded version of the Player Pack in MyTeam. Since this is an integral part of the game, you will want to maximize your revenue potential as much as possible. This guide will demonstrate how to earn VC in NBA 2K21 to have the most massive virtual currency consumption. Over time, we will regularly add and improve this guide, so please bookmark the page and check it regularly for more tips and suggestions.


How to earn NBA 2K21 VC as much as possible

Play basketball
The best starting point is to play basketball, as well. Under the MyCareer model, you will contribute to the success of the team and receive venture capital. This means you will accumulate currency for the following: scoring, collecting rebounds, assisting teammates, and forced turnovers. Remember, you can also lose your VC due to fouls and mistakes.
Try to improve your teammate's score as much as possible by playing the game, and then get bonuses based on your performance at the end of the game. After further learning through MyCareer, you will sign a sponsorship agreement, which will maximize your risk investment income, but we will explain it in detail later.

Rotate every day
Daily Spin may be one of the most controversial NBA 2K21, but it guarantees a daily bonus, so it is worth interacting with. This year, you will find big wheels in the nearby Jeff 2K Arcade-hard to miss. Enter the car every day and turn the wheels; there are other prizes for you to compete for, such as MyTeam tokens and clothing unlocking-you can also win VC and VC multipliers, so it is worth playing games every day and spending a few minutes turning the steering wheel.

Watch 2KTV
You can get a relaxed VC by watching NBA 2KTV and answering the polls and trivial questions that appear in the show. When loading the game, you will see some plots; otherwise, you can browse to the 2KTV section on the menu and choose to pay in installments. Although you won't get much venture capital through interaction, it is a relatively labor-saving currency.

Predict real-world NBA results
If you happen to be doing daily spins at Jeff's 2K Arcade, you might want to set up a kiosk at the back so that you can predict real NBA results. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus's schedule interruption, this game cannot allow you to expect the playoffs' progress. Therefore, you need to wait until December to enter the new season before you can use it. However, please choose the right winner, among which are easy to obtain VCs.

Choose your broker carefully
In the MyCareer campaign, you will want to increase your draft inventory as much as possible, because if you are the second choice, you will be guaranteed to get the highest salary in the first season of the NBA. This means that with outstanding performance, you can earn up to 1,000 VC per game, which is a pretty good return-especially in the early days when your playing time is relatively limited.

You also need to choose the agents carefully. You will have two choices: Archie Baldwin and Harper Dell. Although your overall income in Harper Dell will decrease, you will soon get the most rewarding sponsor, so if you want to choose MyPlayer quickly, then this may be your best choice. You can still get a good VC through Archie Baldwin, but you may have to wait longer to get the best return.

While attracting fans, you will also get a sponsorship agreement. These usually provide VC injection for participating in activities or approved products, but you should also pay attention to incentives. Incentives can include spending on individual achievements in the game, choose the goals you are sure to complete each game. If you want to maximize VC, you don't have to worry about store discounts.

Remember, although you can make a counter-offer in sponsor negotiations, it's essential not to be too greedy. If you try to make too many demands to the company, the company will lose interest in you, and it is better to sign a weak contract than no contract, especially when the compensation is high overall.