How to Dribble in NBA 2K21

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Time: 2020-09-27 21:33:04
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How does NBA 2K21 Dribble operate? Many friends are not very clear about it. SAFENBAMT brings you an introduction to NBA 2K21 dribbling operation methods. Friends who need it may wish to come in and have a look.

Around Turning
There are two types of turning, one is to rotate the 1/4 right joystick, and the other is to turn back in singles, and then push the left joystick to cut into the opposite direction of the opposing defender.
The former has an extensive turning range, smoother and faster speed, but once you encounter an opponent player during the action, you will quickly lose the ball; the latter has a small turning range, mainly caused by pushing against the opponent back-to-back singles. Then pass the opponent with the sudden change of line.
The suggestion is to choose different ways of turning according to the player's position. For example, point guards, shooting guards, and small forwards with muscular mobility can choose to turn the right stick, while the latter is used by power forwards and center forwards, and the effect will be better.
Turning around is a handy short-distance trick, so you have to learn it carefully and familiarize yourself with each turn's angle and which direction to cut after turning is the best choice.

Fake Shot
Quickly push the right stick and release it to cast a fake shot. The Fake shot action can trick the opponent into blocking. When the opponent jumps, you can slip past the defender. It is recommended to use it with the back movement, press the shift key to back the body, and then perform the fake projection. It should be noted that the player behind the back will still face the opponent's basket. At this time, it is best to push the left stick to adjust the direction immediately and make a quick breakthrough.
However, if you make multiple fake shots in one action, it is easy to see through. It is best to make a breakthrough or project after two or less.
It should be noted that after receiving the ball and then making a fake shot, the player can continue to Dribble. But if the player Dribbles the ball for a distance, then make a false shot. You must be careful not to push the left stick. Otherwise, it is comfortable to be called for walking. 2K18 walking has become more relaxed, so be careful, or you will make a joke (refer to the reverse textbook below).

Crotch Dribble
The operation of dribbling under the crotch is effortless. Point the right joystick behind the non-hands and players, pay attention to the player's hold and move the right stick.
The hip Dribble is mostly used for the left and right shifts. Although the hip Dribble does not tend to rush forward, the left and right shaking can make the opponent's defense lose position.
Once you catch the opponent's rhythm and seize the opportunity to Dribble under the crotch towards the opponent's supporting foot, the side of the opponent's supporting foot will be exposed, and you can start to shoot, pass or make a breakthrough.

Emergency stop change line
If you ask me the easiest and best way to excel in 2K, I will answer that you only have "one type"! That is to change the line and then change the line. If the line is not changed once, then change the line again.
The game is always a game, players can run tirelessly, and their movements are rarely inaccurate, so you have to make fair use of this feature, you can become an ankle manta.
First, you must Dribble the ball at high speed, make an emergency stop when you distance from the defensive player, and then change the line.
The line change action is best done in conjunction with the crotch mentioned above Dribble, so that your crosscut speed when dribbling will increase, and it will also have a certain suddenness.
One thing to note here is that you should press the accelerator button to be slack and not be pressed for a long time. Otherwise, you will quickly fall on the opposing defensive player.

How to choose a Dribble action in NBA 2k21?
To select the Dribble movement in 2k21, you need to go to the MyPLAYER Appearance tab.
Now, select the My Animation section to change the action.
In this menu, you will find several options to adjust shots, dunks, layups, Dribbles, etc.
Select Dribble Action and start choosing the action you like.

Best Dribble animation in NBA 2k21
Mobile crossover: Pro 8 and Pro 2
Behind the lag: Pro 3 and Pro 5
Mobile Spin: Basic 1 and Professional 4
Hesitating: Pro 3 and Pro 5
Park size: Park 13, Park 5, and Park 11
Essential large size packaging: Pro 6 and Pro 5
Large escape package: Pro 2 and Pro 4
Signal amplification
Dribble style: fast
Triple threat style: Normal 2, WNBA 4, and Normal 1


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How to Dribble in NBA 2K21