How to choose the right NBA 2K21 Shooting badge

Game: NBA 2K21
Time: 2020-09-17 20:58:45
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In response to many criticisms of NBA 2K21 shooting issues, I have seen many skilled players mock casual players while pointing their fingers at the badge. They are right to a certain extent, and in the end, badges can help you elevate your players and skills to a level that cannot be achieved by other means. They can effectively act as passive "boosters" for players, so if you don't shoot, it's probably because you haven't selected or received the correct badge.



If you create defense/rebound and game production players in MyPlayer Builder, it will limit the potential for shooting and finishing badges, which will only make things harder. If you want to hit a lot of shots in each game, then your construction needs to take this logic into account to open the door for more shooting badges.

As long as you have the right figure to suit your game intent, these are ideal badges that you can use to make up for any challenges you may encounter with the new shooting mechanism. Let's take a look at the best finishing badges.

How to choose the right NBA 2K21 Shooting badge

Flexible Release badge
If you are shooting hard, this is a must-have badge. This badge will reduce the penalty for mist time jumpers. Needless to say, if you are trying to take photos, it may be related to your schedule, so this badge should be given priority.

Green Machine badge
Next to those mentioned above, the "flexible release" logo seems to be a redundant logo. Still, I think it is essential once you start to become proficient in the technology (you will: trust me). It can provide extra batting ability when it achieves excellent release during consecutive jump shots.

Catch and Shooting badge
You cannot cross this sign because it will help you when receiving the ball and immediately shooting the pass. When the Pass is directly obtained, outside shot attributes will be slightly improved in a short time.

Clutch Shooter badge
There may not be many reasons here, but this badge will help you in the last quarter of the time. The increase in the fourth quarter and overtime was even more significant.

Steady Shooter badge
This badge will work closely with those mentioned above "done" badge. It reduces the penalty for controversial shots, but at the cost of lowering any bonuses won by shooting.

Tireless Shooter badge
This is especially useful at the beginning of your NBA 2K21 career, because as your players build endurance, they may face exhausting quarterfinals. This badge can improve the player's shooting ability when fatigued.

Pro Touch Badge
It is very suitable to complete the construction, giving you better layup timing and increasing the mobile phone meeting for the earlier, later, or excellent layup timing.

Consistent Finisher Badge
This badge will reduce the penalty for poorly released layups. This means that for any wrong layup time, a strong terminator can slightly increase traffic.

Giant Slayer Badge
I tend to prefer small point guards. My priority is to complete the game. One of the challenges I found in the early days of NBA 2K21 was that I was blocked more with a lot of wrong shooting time. The Giant Killer badge improves your layups' efficiency against higher defenders and increases your layup attempt rate if it does not match the Higher defenders. This is especially useful in pick-and-roll scenarios that resist strong defense because the weak side help is vital in the paint.

Pick and Roller Badge
If you have a strong PF or C configuration and have performance outside a specific range, I would like this badge because it allows the rollers in the pick and roll to increase the shot percentage.

Tear Dropper Badge
Of course, it depends on the structure, but the not-so-strong basket finisher may be more inclined to fall into the Derrick Rose-style teardrop (not to say that the guy can't play hard on the basket, at least not before the game in 2012). This badge can improve the player's ability to hit tear floats.