Harden's rating drops in NBA 2K and is waived by two captains

Game: NBA 2K22
Time: 2022-02-21 16:53:21
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The latest player ratings of NBA 2K have been released. Harden's rating has dropped from before, and now his rating is 90. In addition, when the All-Star team was formed, neither of the two captains took the initiative to choose Harden to join. Is Harden gradually increasing? Loses its original value?

After Harden joined the 76ers, the ratings began to decline, but this has nothing to do with the trade. The main reason is that Harden's previous performance with the Nets may not have lived up to expectations. After this year's NBA League adopted the new rules, Harden was confused for a while and couldn't adapt to the game at all, and the number of free throws he relied on upon to score also decreased a lot. After a period of adaptation, Harden seems to have found his way to the free-throw line again. But even so, his scoring average is completely incomparable to his time with the Rockets, which is a bit unqualified for an MVP player.



When the All-Star team was formed, a very interesting phenomenon also appeared. In the selection of the replacement lineup, the captains on both sides did not actively choose Harden. At the end, when Lebron was unavailable, Harden returned automatically. Enter Lebron. This series of operations completely filled the program effect.

The reason why Lebron did not choose Harden may be that he wanted to see if Durant would choose the former teammate. As a result, Durant also did not choose Harden, which made people think that Harden's ability began to suffer. Question.

Judging from the recent trade between the Nets and the 76ers, the relationship between Harden and the Nets has begun to break down. When the Nets traded Harden from the Rockets, they paid a great price because Harden's average per game data at that time was very high. High and has great value on the field. But when he came to the Nets, he averaged only 22.5 points per game, and his offense dropped a lot.

But for Harden, leaving the Nets may be what he wants most at the moment. The Nets are in a very bad state. Durant is injured and can't play. Irving refuses to get vaccinated, leaving only the former Big Three of the Nets. Harden is supported by himself and continues to stay here, with no hope of the championship at all.

Hopefully, Harden can find the best form to adapt to the game in the 76ers, and players are also curious to know what kind of miracles the combination of Harden + Harris + Embiid can bring.

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