General tips for beginners in NBA 2K21

Game: NBA 2K21
Time: 2020-10-09 20:58:00
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NBA 2K21 Like previous NBA 2K version, there are very few tutorials. However, we recommend that you study the course in 2KU mode. The simulated game situation makes it easier for you to try new moves before playing the actual game. After completing the 2KU tutorial, you should play the MyCAREER mode. The difficulty level starts to be moderate, and as the story progresses, you will participate in various training courses. The most important thing is that you should only focus on one player instead of controlling the entire team.


General tips for beginners in NBA 2K21

We recommend that you play your role as a point guard. He is the designer of the basketball game and catches the ball at the beginning of the game, so you can control everything and decide whether you pass, dunk, dribble or take a free throw. This allows you to try all aspects of NBA 2K21.

Control basis
Just like real basketball, NBA 2K21 is also committed to optimizing opportunities. You want to place your players where they have the most excellent chance of scoring. For this, you need to know where each player's advantage lies.
A center's power is close to the basket, while other players' three-point shots are particularly useful. By viewing Heatzones, you can get accurate data for each player in NBA 2K21.
Therefore, place your players in the most effective throwing position to increase the chance of hitting the ball. Other factors include the timing of the throw, how much the defender harassed your players, and the value of the players used.

Provided good advice from the start: Get used to throwing with the right stick. The game offers you the option of using the square/X/Y buttons, but the right joystick is used for various other commands, so we recommend using the joystick to throw. To make a jump shot, press and hold the right stick and release it when the rail next to the player is full.

Near the basket, you can choose various layups and dunks. For this, you must keep the left stick pressed toward the basket. Simultaneously, squeeze the right post's direction to determine the way you want to dunk or layup.

When passing the ball, the direction of the left joystick determines the teammate you are playing. If you can take a free throw to another player, you should use the standard pass. With a rebound pass, you can model your opponent, while those with high access can ignore the player. However, there is a risk that the opponent will intercept the ball.

By dribbling, you can get rid of the defending player and enter the free throw or pass position. If you hold down the R2 button, your player will sprint, which can be used in conjunction with most dribbling moves.

Pick and roll
With pick-and-roll tactics, the player with possession of the ball runs so that another player in his path blocks the defender assigned to him. The defender hits the wall (so-called blocking or blocking), which puts you in a better position to throw or pass the ball.
Using the L1 button, you order your teammate to set a catch, and then change the side by clicking the left stick (L3). You want to get as close as possible to the pick from there so that the defender can meet your teammates.
Another option for this strategy is "pick-up and decay," where the player is prevenpreventsnder to pass from passing freestanding stand pick, and fade is a fake pick and roll. To do this, please press L1 / LB / L to position the paddle first, and then press R1 / RB / R to switch to fade in and fade out. There will be differences between the two versions to confuse your opponent.
In the best case, all the offensive methods will put you into an excellent final state, but even if your opponent is close behind, you can change the game situation according to your situation. To defend the pick and roll, the other player must take the position of the blocked defender. For example, you may encounter a problem where you face a smaller or slower defender, which can then be easily overcome by dribbling or throwing.
The more you play NBA2K20, the more you feel about combining different offensive options.

Even before entering control, one must understand that all problems cannot be avoided in basketball. The characteristic of a good defense is that you force your opponent to take risky operations or to throw from positions with a low chance of success.
The most essential rule about defense is that you must always cover up opponents assigned to you. Stay close and hold down the L2/LT/LZ button to limit the opponent's freedom of movement. Using the right joystick