Five NBA 2K21 secrets for success

Game: NBA 2K21
Time: 2020-10-07 21:24:20
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Know your NBA 2K21 skills; you can quickly acquire the skills to compete with the elite. Whether roaming the block or facing off with LeBron and Brows in Los Angeles, mastering your offense and defense has never been more critical. For example, compared with last year's game, NBA 2K21 takes a very different shooting method and takes full advantage of the new challenges of jump shots. It takes time to ensure that you can deal with changes, so we have compiled these essential NBA 2K21 tips to help you win the game.


Five NBA 2K21 secrets for success

Know your teammates
Every player has a release point, which gives him the most excellent chance of sinking. If you don't know when it is, then you will have a horrible game experience. Keep practicing until you know that players like the back of their hands. This will also help you get free throw opportunities and win or lose games at the free-throw line.

Set the focus of the team
In the coach settings, you can modify the team's offensive and defensive focus. Should your team focus on shooting or getting jump shots? Break the board on offense or return to preventing the defensive breakthrough? As the head coach, these are significant decisions you need to make.

Don't worry
Offensively: We must use the breakthrough, but if the defense is back to its original state, it will be happier to spend some time. Unless your player has his feet firmly fixed and the defender is at least one step away from him, don't make outside shots. If the hitting time is short, you need to block the stone. Otherwise, it is better to spend some time on an open appearance.
Defense: The game will inform you (using arrows) who your players should cover. Stay in front of him, and don't give him an open driveway. Once he is stuck, please observe his teammates as he is about to pass. After some practice, you will better predict the direction you are heading and gradually intercept the pass (X button on Xbox, Square on Playstation).

Familiar with telephone calls
As long as the defense locks you in, you can play. Press "up" on the keyboard to set "smart play" to help your player open. Or, if you feel more advanced, click "Left" on the d-pad and call up the player yourself.

Understand the basis of publishing
If you understand the basic control methods of publishing, then you will quickly win. This is not just as simple as pushing the left analog stick to the basket and clicking the capture button. Try to use power dribbles, fakes, and perfect shots to anger defenders.

Post action
To enter publishing mode: press and hold L2 (Playstation) or LT (Xbox) to publish
Heading to the key: R2 / RT + left stick to the key
Drive to the baseline: R2 / RT + move left to the baseline
Rotate movement: Rotate the rod outward
Hook drive: inside the rotating lens
Counterfeit: Move the shot put in any direction to keep it away from the basket

Release shot
Hook: the shot put moves to the left or to the basket (when closed)
Fade in and out: The Shot puts left and right of the basket (not close)
Layup: Move the Shot to the left or right and keep it facing the basket (when closed), while using the left stick to move the player to the basket.
Shimmy Shot: R2 / RT + shot left and right away from the basket
Jump back: Push the left stick to the left or right away from the basket, then press Square / X
Rewind: Move the left stick away from the basket, then press Square / X
Put down the steps: joystick left, then press Square / X
Pump Fake: Tap the shooting stick to start any post-shooting, and then quickly release