2K22's new season adds new challenges for players in PS5

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NBA 2K22's upcoming fourth season stars Dwayne Wade and Candace Park, and starting this weekend; you'll find plenty of new challenges on the PS5 platform.

2K has made minor design adjustments to some of the original basic modes in the game, making it completely different from before, and new challenges mean new rewards.

The level 40 reward in MyTeam is Galaxy Opal Yao Ming, and after reaching level 40, you can earn Galaxy Opal player packs by completing more challenges. New challenges mean new rewards for this success, including a basketball designed by Victor Solomon Kintsugi. Additionally, 2K will be adding a new Candace Parker coaching card, which will boost player stats. There's also new diamond coach Candace Parker, and not only that, but you'll find plenty of new label releases for the new season.

Here are the challenge rewards for 2K22 Season 4:
Level 40 reward — Galaxy Opal Yao Ming
Unlimited — Galaxy Opal Danny Granger
Limited mode — Galaxy Opal Shai Gilgeous-Alexander
Ascension Board — Galaxy Opal Maurice Lucas
Draft Ascension Board — Galaxy Opal Tony Parker
Triple Threat 1,000 wins — Galaxy Opal Terry Cummings
Triple Threat Online — Pink Diamond Cazzie Russell
Crunch Time Wheel — Reggie Lewis
Crunch Time (10 wins) — Amythest Brian Scalabrine
Crunch Time (30 wins) — TBD
Crunch Time (50 wins) — Pink Diamond Mark Price
Crunch Time (100 wins) — Galaxy Opal Pascal Siakam
New Galaxy Opal token player — Baron Davis

The new season will also feature Heat Check players, the latest NBA player cards based on real-life updates. If the state of the players in the NBA league can be improved, the attributes of the corresponding player cards will be improved accordingly.

Finally, Season 4 will feature a new Spotlight Challenge, where you'll earn eight players from Season 4 and complete the Spotlight Challenge to make a second Hall of Fame badge.

Safenbamt.com will continue to provide information about the fourth season of 2K22 in the future; please pay attention.

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