Will Season 8 reward James Harden make the cover of NBA 2K23?

Game: NBA 2K23
Time: 2022-07-06 10:11:15
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With the NBA league championship race coming to an end, NBA 2K22 has also ushered in a new chapter. Season 8, in addition to the new MyCareer update, also brings the best reward to players - End Game James Harden.

Despite Harden's poor performance in this year's playoffs, 2K still released cards related to him in the game, possibly thanks to the fact that at his peak, Harden was an unstoppable presence, especially with his step-back three-point jump shot, which everyone knew he would do, but just no one could stop him.


Why can't defenders stop Harden from scoring?
When Harden is dribbling to find a breakthrough opportunity, he will always be in a moving state, not giving the defender time to relax, by constantly dribbling with his hips, letting the defender get into his dribbling rhythm until the defender gets into the position Harden wants him to reach, and then suddenly accelerates to get rid of the defense.

A simple crotch dribbling action that he uses to great effect, although they are simple repetitive movements, but the confusion to the defender is very great. When faced with a one-on-one or wrap-up situation, the simple hip dribble forces the defender's weight to shift, and that's when Harden uses his signature move - the step-back jumper.


All defenders know Harden will use the step-back to score, but no one can predict what Harden's next move will be when he dribbles off his hips.

Why does Harden love to dribble off his hips?
The purpose of Harden's crotch dribble is very simple: to observe the defender by dribbling, and if the defense is too forward, he will choose to accelerate the breakthrough; if the defense is too backward, he will use the step-back to score.

Harden during the Rockets period was the most glorious existence, creating 13 historical only data, and the only player who could lead the team against the Warriors that year. Despite the serious decline in status today, 2K still remembers his former glory, giving the best attributes and badges in his End Game player card, which no more NBA 2K23 MT can get. Given 2K's regard for James Harden, I wonder if they are considering adding him to the cover options of NBA 2K23.