NBA 2KTV Season 8 Episode 8 All Answers

NBA 2K22 Date: Nov/03/21 11:00:21 Views: 98

The NBA 2KTV is the original range of visual concepts for the first time in NBA 2K15. You can see it in the game or see it on the official YouTube channel of the NBA 2K.

The last phase 8 of the 2KTV 8 8th episode session, is transferred, covering all the contents of the NBA 2K and NBA games, including interviews for the developers and players of the NBA. It also focuses on 2K NBA players and covers an event, such as the road to the final championship at 2K Pro-Am. Players can see all the back of the NBA 2K22 and earn some of the opportunities for free BC.

Not only that, but it also focuses on the game player of the NBA 2K and covers an event, such as the road to the final championship at 2K Pro-Am. Several episodes also revealed the flowers of the next game, including adding more retro equipment, game enhancements, and other trailers.

For those who want to get up to 3,400 BCs and MyPlayer T-shirts free, it's all the answers to the eighth episode of Season 8 of 2KTV.


Rank Questions Rewards Answers
1 What is your favorite part about Halloween? 2KTV Everything Tee Choose any answer
2 Which Affiliation won the Rival Day Championship in Season 1? 200 VC Beasts of the East
3 How many NBA games are scheduled on Halloween this year? 200 VC 5
4 Which of the following is not a reward card in Season 2 of MyTeam? 200 VC Anthony Randolph
5 When is the next Game Day for the MyTeam Unlimited $250,000 Tournament? 100 VC November 27th
6 How many Game Days are left to qualify for the MyTeam Unlimited Tournament? 200 VC 3
7 What is your favorite thing to customize in MyTeam? 100 VC Choose any answer
8 Which MyTeam card would you switch out from TyDeBo's lineup? 100 VC Choose any answer
9 What is your main strategy when playing Unlimited in MyTeam? 100 VC Choose any answer
10 Which Unlimited tier qualifies you to play in a MyTeam Unlimited $250,000 Tournament Game Day? 200 VC Emerald
11 Where do you think NBA 2K22 has the most improvements? 100 VC Choose any answer
12 Who did TyDeBo defeat in last year's MyTeam Unlimited $250,000 Tournament Championship? 200 VC NewEditionFlash
13 Is Donovan Mitchell a part of your main MyTeam lineup? 100 VC Choose any answer
14 How often do you play Signature Challenges in MyTeam? 100 VC Choose any answer
15 Would you like to see more #2KTVPICS segments on 2KTV? 100 VC Choose any answer
16 Which NBA 2K22 game mode should we feature next on 2KTV? 100 VC Choose any answer
17 Which former Maverick is currently in his first season as the head coach of the Mavericks? 200 VC Jason Kidd
18 What year did the Dallas Mavericks win their first NBA Championship? 200 VC 2011
19 How many seasons did Dirk Nowitzki play with the Dallas Mavericks? 200 VC 21
20 How many All-NBA Teams did Dirk Nowitzki make during his 21 seasons in the NBA? 200 VC 12
21 Alongside Luka Dončić, who is the only other Maverick to win an NBA Rookie of the Year Award? 200 VC Jason Kidd
22 What year did Tim Hardaway Jr. make the NBA All-Rookie Team? 200 VC 2014
23 #2KTVWOW 200 VC Choose any answer


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